Don Howell and his paintings!

Give a listen as I chat with Don about his upcoming show at gallery 23 in Port Dover. Don talks about growing up in Dover and his love for the water.



Simcoe Lions Club… Back to the Eighties

I chat with Terry Sheppard of the Simcoe Lions Club about their annual show, which is in its 66th year. The theme this year is back to the eighties! Give a listen.



Tuesday April 4th 3pm please be at the Norfolk council meeting. Be heard!

Ross Keegan gives us a quick update to be at council Tuesday, April 4th at 3 pm for the Community Hub project. Give a listen!



Norfolk Community Hub

This audio interview with Mike McArthur answers a lot of the question about the possibility of what a new multiplex facility would mean to the folks of Norfolk and why it is important to be heard April 4th at council. Please give a listen!



Shirley Shaw to receive award.

Congrats to Shirley Shaw who has been chosen as Special Olympic Female Coach of the Year by the provincial governing body!



Charlie Upscale talks about his crew…

Charlie and i chat about his experience  at Three Days At The Fair....  48 hour run and his amazing crew! A MUST LISTEN! lots of great insight into building a crew!



Canadian Tire

Bill Corrigan   from Canadian Tire and I  chat about getting your car ready for the heat ... with a air conditioning check -up!

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Audio podcast with Kit Julian and Vera Cline-Hayes

Kit and Vera chat about their upcoming show …in sync… at gallery 23 in Port Dover. The wonderful exhibition is running from June 10th to July 26th. Give a listen!



Causyn Cooling & Heating

Causyn Cooling & Heating...Your indoor Air Quality Experts since 1989. Jeff offers up some great ideas to beat the heat. Enjoy the video!

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Hub Media … check out our most viewed video!

 Hub media can create an outstanding video for your company! give us an email hub media@kwic.com

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